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Why Am I So Tired – I Get Lots of Sleep – 20 Top Reasons

Why am I so tired – I get more than enough sleep

Why Am I So TiredI sleep for 8 to 9 hours every night. Why am I so tired when I wake up? Can there be other reasons for my tiredness? Is there anything I can do to help me regain my energy? I can’t concentrate on what I am reading. Even basic tasks tire me out. What should I do?

These are frequently asked questions, and the answers lie in analyzing your lifestyle. The causes for tiredness can be physical or psychological or a combination of the two. It can be a serious problem if there is no obvious reason for it like lack of sleep, and if it continues for a long period and stops you from enjoying life to the fullest.

At any given time, one out of every five person feels tired, so it is a fairly common problem. And one in 10 suffer from constant fatigue, which is slightly more reason for finding out why you are always tired.

Reasons For Being Tired

Physical Causes Of Tiredness:

    1. Obesity leads to tiredness because your body has to work harder just to do ordinary everyday things.
    2. Being severely underweight – your muscles are too weak to function normally even for everyday activities.
    3. Illness – serious illnesses can tire you out even after your period of recovery, like glandular fever. Other physical causes could be anemia, autoimmune disorders, chronic infections, chronic fatigue, cancer treatment, liver, heart or long-term chest infections. Those who suffer from diabetes or hypothyroidism, narcolepsy or sleep apnea, or have myositis or multiple sclerosis may suffer from extreme fatigue as well, even if they sleep a lot.

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  1. Iron Deficiency – some women who complain of tiredness may have too little iron, in spite of appearing to have normal blood cells.  Read this article on juicing and you may feel better soon!
  2. Insufficient exercise can lead to lack of deep sleep, and result in tiredness, as your body does not get tired enough to sleep well.
  3. Too much exercise is just as bad. If you push yourself too much even after you are physically or mentally tired, you tire yourself out further and even after you sleep for 8 hours, you feel exhausted the next day.
  4. Pregnancy and a young baby – with the hormonal changes that occur, and the added responsibility of caring for another person’s very existence, tiredness can overcome you even if you sleep well.
  5. Chronic snoring or sleep apnea.

Why Am I So TiredPsychological Causes Of Tiredness:

  1. Stress and Worries especially when you are left feeling hopeless can cause extreme tiredness.
  2. Depression leaves you feeling listless and tired, and the sadder you feel, the more tired you become, mentally and physically.
  3. Everyday problems by their very monotony can leave you feeling exhausted It is important to break the monotony and go for a holiday, just to clear your mind and body.
  4. Over excitement can cause exhaustion too! If you are planning a wedding or moving into a new house or a new job has come your way, the adrenaline rush and resultant hyperactivity can leave you feeling tired!
  5. Emotional shocks bad news, bereavement, or the break up of a relationship can exhaust you.
  6. Over expectation from yourself can drain you of energy. Being confident of yourself is wonderful, but over extending yourself and repeated failure can lead to frustration and exhaustion if you fail to achieve what you have set out to do.

Why Am I So TiredHabits And Lifestyles Causing Tiredness:

  1. Daytime naps may feel good if you feel tired, but often lead to restlessness at night and prevent deep restful sleep.
  2. Sleeping too much can tire you too, as it leaves you less fit during the hours you are awake.
  3. Unbalanced diets lead to tiredness. If you eat heavy meals before sleeping, you need more energy to digest your food. Certain foods also prevent you from feeling rested – they wind you up and ultimately leave you tired, especially foods containing too much caffeine and sugar.
  4. Overdoing exercises on certain days, with no exercise on others cause a roller-coaster-effect on your metabolism and tire you out eventually – equally upsetting to good sleeping habits is to exercise with less than three hours until your bed time.
  5. Night shift workers get tired easily even if they sleep through the day, especially if their shift timings keep changing. They may suffer from tired eyes and fatigue.
  6. Over indulgence in alcohol in the evening, may lead to wakefulness in the middle of the night. If you drink quite heavily, regularly, it can cause depression and tiredness.

It takes a combination of things to make you tired. If you are stressed, you may decide to exercise to make yourself feel better, and end up overtired, depressed and below the weather. Add to that a cold and you feel the need to rest, and end up feeling unfit when you recover. It can go on this way in a vicious cycle till you break out of it and start over.

So try and regularize your life, by sleeping at the same time every night, in a comfortable room, after eating a light meal at least 3-4 hours before you sleep. Do some light exercises regularly, cut out the extra caffeine and sugar overload, eat balanced meals and try and plan your days well so you don’t over exert yourself. Take an occasional break from your routine. Then you can forget about your complaint of: “Why am I always so tired?” and live a normal healthy life again.

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